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Water cooler - COVID-19: A Conversation About Returning to Work

With COVID-19, we’ve all been faced with a crisis that has changed the way we work. This pandemic has caused stations to be adaptive and resilient in responding to the crisis. While a return to “normal” has become a distant thought, there is a need for recognizing how to plan and chart a path for an eventual return to work.

Join our water-cooler as PMBA conducts conversation around the effects of COVID-19, how the workplace has been reinvented and how stations are preparing for an eventual return to work. We will engage in conversation on these key critical areas: 
  • COVID-19 employer cost considerations  
  • COVID-19 best practices (PPE, social distancing, temperature checks, signage) 
  • Mental health/Work life balance  
  • Virtual management, meetings & virtual meeting fatigue  
Join the conversation, share your perspective and find out what steps other stations are taking. We look forward to your participation and engagement in this timely and important discussion.