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PMBA Benchmarking Survey


PMBA Benchmarking Survey


DOWNLOAD (only primary contacts should submit the survey)


PMBA knows this is a busy and complicated time for stations. We respect your time and have therefore made submitting your data as easy as possible. Because you already sent this information to CPB, the submission process will take no more than 15 minutes! Our template was specifically designed to match up with CPB's submission process to make your participation as easy as possible.

PMBA wants to provide you with helpful, quality data during this time of uncertainty. Our interactive platform will allow members to benchmark their station against multiple data points, including radio and TV staff salaries, benefit programs offered, employee counts, and more.

We appreciate your continued support!


How to Submit Your Station's Data:

Download the template. PMBA has worked closely with our survey partner, Dynamic Benchmarking, to create a custom template that mirrors the CPB data collection system. Our goal is to make the data entry process for this project as easy as possible.

Complete the form. If you have received this email, you are listed as the primary contact for your station, and therefore, you are the only person authorized to submit data for your station. If you would like someone else from your station to complete this form, you may forward it along to the correct staff member. However, it must be returned to you for submission.

Your form should be emailed directly to Dynamic Benchmarking at Please do not submit your form to PMBA. One of the primary reasons PMBA has contracted with a third-party partner is to ensure total anonymity of your station’s data. No other PMBA member or staff member will ever see your submission.


Important Notes:

Compare to the CPB reporting system here.

Changing primary contact. If you are not the primary contact for your station and you feel you have received this message in error, please contact, and we will update your station’s contact information.

Protecting your data. In the end product, PMBA will only show results in aggregate, provided enough data points are available in that data set to protect anonymity. A minimum of five data points for a given set of parameters will be required for an end-user to see the results. So, please respond! The more stations that participate, the more information we will have available for the whole public broadcast system.


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