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August 21, 2019

Media Companies Pay $600,000 in Civil Penalties for EAS Misuse

By Radio World Misuse of the codes associated with the nation’s emergency alert system can lead to hefty fines — just ask Meruelo Radio Holdings, ABC, AMC and Discovery, who agreed to a series of civil consent decrees ranging from $67,000 to $395,000.Last week the commission announced it had reached significant financial settlements with a radio group owner, TV broadcaster and a cable TV network for using actual or simulated EAS tones during a broadcast. FCC rules prohibit broadcasting of EAS tones except during an actual emergency, test or public service announcements, and this includes simulations of those tones.
August 13, 2019

These 9 Creative Interview Questions Evoke Crucial Insights About Any Job Applicant. (Ask Them Before You Make an Offer You'll Regret)

By Inc. Recently, I wrote about some of the best interview questions that has featured over the years. And I asked readers who had other suggestions to let me know about them.Wow, did you ever deliver. Today, we'll begin sharing some of the replies, starting with nine of the more unusual interview questions -- creative ideas that elicit insights, while being offbeat enough that applicants probably won't show up for job interviews with stock answers.  Feel free to use these questions as they are. But perhaps even better, use them as a jumping-off point to come up with your own creative questions. 
August 9, 2019

What Is HR’s Ethical Responsibility in the Digital Transformation Age?

By SHRM Company executives are eager to supercharge their decision-making process with technology that helps them process massive amounts of data. Keeping a strong focus on company values and ethics when gathering, using and disseminating that data can be critical to the organization's success. As companies embrace new tools that drive efficiency, cut costs and improve the delivery of products and services to customers, human resources managers recognize that the growing amount of sensitive data available requires the data to be collected, managed and used in a way that is consistent with company values and adheres to legal and regulatory requirements.  Additionally, software that closely monitors employees' daily activities challenges HR managers who are trying to build a good employee experience. 
August 8, 2019

At a time when local information is needed, FCC vote endangers public-access stations

By Current  The FCC voted 3-2 along party lines Thursday to change long-standing guidelines related to cable franchising fees. The modifications detrimentally affect one of educational media’s great unsung heroes, Public, Educational and Government access television and radio stations nationwide. At issue for many communities are what may be, to the average consumer, little-known regulations from the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984. That legislation limited what cities can bill cable companies for local access to 5% of gross revenues on cable bills. Cities then use that money to support their local PEG stations. 
August 1, 2019

Where Does Burnout Come From?

By SHRM  Burnout is classically seen in three factors: exhaustion, cynicism, and lack of personal effectiveness. Of these three components, which are candidates to cause burnout? In other words, which came first: the proverbial chicken or the egg?Teasing out causality is notoriously hard in research circles. Indicating correlation—that two things tend to occur together—is statistically straightforward. Causation requires the introduction of time as an isolating variable, and, given the constraints of research grants, that can be challenging.However, much like the proofs that we all hated in our geometry class, we can evaluate each of the criteria to evaluate whether it's a reasonable candidate to cause the condition. 
July 31, 2019

FCC Revises Children’s Programming Rules for Broadcasters

By VarietyThe FCC on Wednesday voted to revise some of the obligations that broadcast TV stations have to carry informational and educational programming for children.The changes, adopted on a 3-2 vote, reflect the push by broadcasters to loosen the obligations established under the landmark Children’s Television Act in 1990, which established a detailed set of regulations that broadcasters have to comply with in order to retain their licenses from the FCC. The FCC also issued a notice of proposed rulemaking to study other adjustments — what FCC described as effort to “modernize” — to the rules.
July 30, 2019

New Member Benefit- Job Description Tool

Have you checked out PMBA's newest member benefit--the Job Description Tool? This online tool allows you to find templated descriptions for positions at your station, and you'll be able to sort by station size and job type. Job descriptions that you'll find include Accounting Technician, Annual Fund Director, Business Manager, Chief Content Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Director of Education, General Manager, Grants Director, Media, Sponsorship, and Events Coordinator, News Director, Reporter, Television Program Manager, and many more! If you have a job description template that you would like to contribute to this database, please email us. Note: This is the final week non-members will be able to access this tool. Join PMBA today for access to this and all other member benefits. PMBA is the “go-to” trade association serving the business needs of public media, focused on delivering programs and services that enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and economics of public media. Our services, resources, and partnerships help you advance the business needs of your station.
July 29, 2019

Digital Alert Systems Releases Guide for National EAS Test

By Radio WorldThere is less than a month before the mandatory, nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System, and Digital Alert Systems is aiming to help its customers with a free online preparation document.
July 25, 2019

The HR Balancing Act: Tech Insights Versus Human Intuition

By ForbesHow’s your relationship with Siri and Alexa? Have you ever had a misunderstanding followed by wanting to break up? I have. As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to integrate into everyday life and business, there needs to be a serious conversation around the human factor, fundamentals and a real-time understanding of how your workforce is doing. HR has become increasingly data-driven over the past decade and it’s important we ask where the tipping point is. Human resources as a function must still pay attention to, well, humans.
July 25, 2019

Does Diversity Training Work the Way It’s Supposed To?

By SHRM Virtually all Fortune 500 companies offer diversity training to their employees, yet surprisingly few of them have measured its impact. That's unfortunate, considering that evidence has shown that diversity training can backfire, eliciting defensiveness from the very people who might benefit most. And even when the training is beneficial, the effects may not last after the program ends.This made us curious: What would happen if we created a training program and rigorously tested its effects? If we used the most relevant scientific findings on behavior change to design an intervention for increasing diversity and inclusion in the workplace, could we change employee attitudes? Could we prompt more inclusive behavior? If so, would those changes stick? */