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June 1, 2015

CPB analysis shows bright spots for public television

Presented at the 2015 PMBA Annual Conference, a CPB “state of the system” analysis of public broadcasting data from 2014 showed some improvements and turnarounds for public television and leveling off in public radio’s recent growth.
May 14, 2015

Forget Time Management; Focus on Stress Management

Time management is for the birds and other lower life-forms. Figure out how to manage your stress instead.
May 11, 2015

Public TV groups seek FCC help for DBS carriage

Two groups representing public and state-run television stations have told the Federal Communications Commission that the agency may have to step in to push satellite-TV providers to provide noncommercial TV networks to more of their subscribers. That came in comments to the FCC, which Congress directed in satellite reauthorization legislation (the STELA Reauthorization Act of 2014) to report on the current DMA system of determining access to programming and how it could better foster localism.
April 15, 2015

Does Email Marketing Still Work? 10 Ways to Make It Work for You

Every digital marketer needs the right skills and tools to be successful. So, what can make email marketing more effective? Email marketing only works if you know how to work it. Here are 10 ways to make it work for you.
April 15, 2015

CPB finds room for media innovation in 1967 Public Broadcasting Act

CPB executives say their new legal analysis of the Public Broadcasting Act shows that the statute allows the corporation flexibility to fund media beyond television and radio. At a CPB Board meeting Monday, General Counsel Westwood Smithers Jr. told directors that his reading of the Act shows that CPB “has a lot of flexibility” in allocating discretionary funds, “and the stations have a lot of discretion in the use of their CSG, which is intended primarily for programming.”
April 9, 2015

The Most Common Mistake People Make in Calculating ROI

Your company is ready to make a big purchase — a fleet of cars, a piece of manufacturing equipment, a new computer system. But before anyone writes a check, you need to calculate the return on investment (ROI) by comparing the expected benefits with the costs. Analyzing ROI isn’t always as simple as it sounds and there’s one mistake that many managers make: confusing cash and profit. 
April 6, 2015

Preparing for the Millennial Workforce

It is quite possible that in a span of a decade, roles and organizational hierarchy, as we see them today, will cease to exist. The signs of a networked non-linear organization are already evident and those entering the workforce today will be the first to experience such organizations and make their career in them. The concept of a higher role needs to be viewed as an enhancement in terms of value offered to the firm, its clients and the individual. The organizations should, therefore, focus on making their workforce ready to take on such roles
April 6, 2015

For Doc Funders, Broadcast on Public TV Remains Key

Foundation funders have plenty at stake in PBS's pending decisions about scheduling and promoting its independent film series POV and Independent Lens. Broadcast distribution remains the cornerstone of outreach strategies behind foundation-backed independent films, according to grantmakers and others who work to build philanthropic support for public media.
April 1, 2015

Finding TV and Radio's Biggest Fans on Their Home Turf

Recently, Nielsen released the Audio Today report profiling the listening habits of the 243 million Americans who use radio each week. The report also included a profile of the heaviest users across four media sectors. And an interesting headline emerged: heavy radio listeners and heavy TV viewers are, for the most part, mutually exclusive. Heavy TV viewers watch nearly double the amount of TV each week as heavy radio listeners, and conversely, heavy radio listeners listen to nearly double the amount of radio each week as heavy TV viewers. Employment is the driving force behind these differences; indeed the majority of all radio usage nationwide comes from the employed audience while they are away from home. 
March 25, 2015

Developing a Tactical Fundraising Calendar for Your Organization

The tactical strategy for your fundraising should not be random, and it shouldn't be based on a "we'll figure this out as we go along" mentality. Your best bet to ensure maximum revenue is to lay out a tactical fundraising calendar as part of your overall fundraising plan.