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July 13, 2015

New models for public media membership: Melody Kramer’s Nieman report

Last summer, public media consultant Mark Fuerst interviewed 40 front-line development professionals at public media stations. Fuerst noted that the people he interviewed expressed concerns about the continued effectiveness of their ability to raise money over time. Two-thirds of the membership directors at radio-only licensees reported that both incoming pledge drive calls and online pledge had declined. Six of the 15 radio-only licensees reported a decline of over 10 percent.
July 8, 2015

Reorganization at KPBS

KPBS in San Diego is undergoing a reorganization of its executive ranks in anticipation of the departure of its chief operating officer. Now, four associate general managers, including PBMA Board member Vince Petronzio, assume expanded responsibilities.
June 25, 2015

House Appropriations Committee approves $445M for CPB

The House of Representatives Appropriations Committee approved Wednesday $445 million in funding for CPB, but the bill lacks earmarked funding for PBS’s Ready to Learn project, as well as a proposed $40 million for the network’s planned V6 Interconnection project.
June 24, 2015

Metric of the Month: Accounts Payable Process Cost

Benchmarking surveys help CFOs to understand how their various finance processes compare to other organizations in terms of cost-efficiency, labor productivity, activity speed, and error rates. A look at the results of APQC’s survey on accounts payable (AP) process productivity suggests that there is a strong case to be made for investing in electronic invoice presentment, processing, and payment (EIPP) technologies.
June 18, 2015

How to Be the Kind of Influential Leader That You Would Like to Follow

Leadership is not about titles. Leadership doesn't necessarily imply having a position at the highest executive level within a company, or being the boss. There are any many types of leadership, and they can occur at any level in your organization. However, the essence of leadership is influence. Thus, you can lead from where you are, which requires doing more than your regular job.
June 17, 2015

FCC to provide spectrum bids to stations by September, CPB Board hears

Television stations should receive final opening bids for their spectrum from the FCC in early September, the CPB Board heard at its meeting. Stations have 60 days from receiving the bid to declare whether they will participate in the auction, set for mid-2016. Howard Symons, vice chair of the FCC’s incentive auction task force, conducted a meeting on spectrum issues for broadcasters June 8 in Chicago.
June 16, 2015

Joint election coverage from NPR and PBS

At the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Board of Directors meeting today, NPR and PBS NewsHour announced an agreement to work together during the 2016 elections. NPR News and PBS NewsHour will cover the 2016 political conventions together: one team of journalists and one broadcast, designed to work for radio and television as well as digital audiences. This joint coverage will seek to leverage the work of journalists in more than 200 public radio newsrooms and PBS stations across the country.
June 10, 2015

Endowments seeking alternatives, ditching fixed income

Financial managers of endowments and foundations have moved away from fixed asset investing to the more lucrative but volatile areas of venture capital and alternatives such as hedge funds, real estate and private equity. The largest danger afoot is being a passive investor, according to Monica Issar, global head, J.P. Morgan Endowments & Foundations Group, and Anthony Werley, the organization's chief investment officer. They highlighted three trends they see developing during an hour-long webinar called "Generating Opportunities in a Volatile Market: Trends in Endowments & Foundations."
June 4, 2015

CPB finds majority of grantees out of compliance with Communications Act requirements

Two-thirds of CPB’s Community Service Grant recipients are noncompliant with at least some provisions of the Communications Act, according to the corporation’s Office of the Inspector General. Since 1999, CPB has audited 83 public radio and TV stations. At the annual Public Media Business Association meeting in Washington, D.C., last week, CPB Deputy Inspector General Bill Richardson said that 56 of the audited stations were noncompliant with at least one of five Communications Act requirements, a rate Richardson said was “pretty high.”
June 2, 2015

Going on Vacation Doesn’t Have to Stress You Out at Work

Vacations are the things that dreams and cruise commercials are made of. Ideally, you come back refreshed, recharged and ready to go. But sometimes, the exact opposite is true. Who among us hasn’t said at some point, usually the day before we leave, “Trying to take this vacation is so stressful, it would have been better not to go at all!” Sometimes vacation stress is unavoidable, but most times it’s manageable if we’re simply more strategic.