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Water Cooler Conversation—November 27, 2018

Boost Employee Morale — Ideas That Build Engagement (Open to PMBA Members Only)

Tuesday, November 27, 2018, 3:00 pm ET to 4:00 pm ET

Your employees are part of a larger mission—something bigger than themselves—but do they know it? How does your station share its vision and show its appreciation for employees? How do you motivate and inspire your team? The positive steps you take—small and large—return full circle to facilitate organizational growth and a more civil and engaged workforce. All are welcome to attend this Watercooler Conversation—whether you have ideas and successes to share or only questions and challenges. Please invite your HR and team managers to be part of the dialogue. PMBA membership is required for this event.


What Is a Watercooler Conversation?

Watercooler conversations are opportunities for PMBA members to converse with each other about hot topics, successes, and shared challenges. They will take place over the web-conferencing platform Zoom, but they are not webinars. Instead of a presentation where all attendees are in “listen-only mode,” a facilitator will guide and manage a discussion among attendees, pose questions to spark conversation, and ensure robust participation. Participants are encouraged to bring their station colleagues, expertise, questions, and desire to participate and help fellow public media peers solve problems. CPE credit is not available. Registration is required.