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Ron Hetrick

Immediate Past Chair
Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration
WITF Public Media Center
Harrisburg, PA

Ron Hetrick is a business and finance executive at WITF, an educational non-profit, with a passion for lifelong learning and a love of technology. After earning his BS in Computer Science at Pennsylvania State University and MBA in Business and Finance at Villanova University, Ron pursued a senior level position of integrating business, finance, and technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of non-profit, education, and media organizations. During his seventeen-year tenure at WITF, Ron improved business, financial, technical, and philanthropic operations and participated in numerous projects which expanded the scope and reach of WITF programs and services in the community. Currently, Ron Hetrick is chair of the Public Media Business Association (PMBA) board and has recently completed his Doctorate in Business Administration at Temple University. Ron's research explores the effects of corporate governance practices on nonprofit financial performance in institutions with accumulated wealth.

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