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2020 Virtual Annual Conference - Activities

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Even though we are meeting virtually, PMBA wants to offer some of the same fun we have when we are in person! The Virtual Conference will feature a happy hour where you can connect with your peers. Additionally, we’ll also be hosting some online games that will not only be fun but will also reward those who are paying extra close attention to what’s happening throughout the event.
Virtual Happy Hour  
Tuesday, May 26, 5:00 pm local time
After our first day of sessions, put on your fancy sweatpants, grab a drink, and spend a little time mingling and connecting with colleagues in small virtual networking groups! Plus, it’s time to get your creative juices going. During this year’s Virtual Happy Hour, attendees will be asked to activate their most creative virtual backgrounds! Your fellow attendees will vote live to determine who wins and receives a special prize. There will be four happy hours, each starting at 5:00 local time. Please attend your time zone’s happy hour.
Virtual Conference Bingo
Are you one of those people who pays close attention to every aspect of a virtual meeting? Well those skills are about to pay off for you with Virtual Conference Bingo. We’ll provide you with a bingo card at the beginning of the conference, and you can mark off items that take place live each day during the event—the speaker saying “Next slide please,” “someone wearing red,” or someone saying “Welcome to PMBA’s Virtual Annual Conference.” Each day, the first two attendees to get BINGO will win some great prizes.
If you are into trivia, you’re going to love competing in PMBA’s online trivia contest during the conference breaks. Our Trivia Master will ask two questions during each break for attendees to answer through the virtual platform chat box. The first to get a question correct will receive points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the conference wins a prize!