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November 19, 2013

Traditional media revs to remain steady, newspapers digital revs will rise

Local media is expected to grow at a faster rate than previously estimated over the next five years — but overall still at low single-digit percentage increases. BIA/Kelsey sees local media climbing 2.8 percent to $151.5 billion by 2017. It projects 2013 levels to be at $132.9 billion. Traditional media — TV, newspapers, outdoor — will remain essentially flat for the next five years, getting to $107 billion in 2017 from $106.4 billion in 2013 — just a 0.1 percent growth rate over that time span.
November 19, 2013

Translating between finance and benefits: Becoming an employer of choice

CFOs are generally known for their ability to understand their company's strategic vision and marry that vision with its long-term financial plan. However, as it relates to health care, as soon as the word "benefits" enters the conversation, many CFOs shift decision making over to HR. Meanwhile, their HR colleagues often focus on the short-term, aiming to execute on plans built for the next one to two years.
November 18, 2013

New features in ADP Procure-to-Pay help streamline payables

Payroll and human resources provider ADP has added new features to the electronic invoicing functions in its its ADP Procure-to-Pay Solutions platform, which are geared toward boosting productivity for midsized and large businesses. The enhancements include the extension of existing invoice collaboration tools, improved visibility and access to accounts payable data, more advanced coding capabilities and a mobile application. 
November 14, 2013

Run your operations with free open source software

Even if you want to stick with a closed source operating system, your business can still take advantage of a vast amount of open source software. The most attractive benefit of doing so: It's generally available to download and run for nothing. While support usually isn't available for such free software, it's frequently offered at an additional cost by the author or a third party. It may be included in a low-cost commercially licensed version as well.
November 14, 2013

News use across social media platforms

News plays a varying role across the social networking sites. Roughly half of both Facebook and Twitter users get news on those sites, earlier reports have shown. On YouTube, that is true of only one-fifth of its user base, and for LinkedIn, the number is even smaller. And Pinterest, a social pin board for visual content, is hardly used for news at all.
November 13, 2013

Millennials point toward mobile-first future

Recognized as the canaries in the digital media coal mine, millennials' tech tastes and consumption habits are watched more closely than any one group. In what directions are millennials leaning of late? For one, no other demographic is dropping their TV remote controls at a faster rate, according to new research expected to be released by digital ad firm YuMe and the IPG Media Lab.
November 13, 2013

CPB to support more collaborative journalism projects

CPB will devote $2.5 million to reporting projects spearheaded by stations and national producers, President Patricia Harrison announced Nov. 12 at the Public Radio Regional Organizations Super-Regional conference in Fort Washington, Md.
November 12, 2013

Foundation media support rises—but can it grow even faster?

Foundations are reacting to the digital-age disruption of traditional media. During 2009-2011, even though a recession was pounding the United States economy, foundations invested more money than ever in media projects, according to "Growth in Foundation Support for Media in the United States," the most comprehensive study yet done on foundation media grant-making.
November 5, 2013

FCC hears from APTS, CPB, PBS on spectrum repacking expenses

The Association of Public Television Stations, CPB and PBS recently filed comments with the FCC regarding issues related to the spectrum repacking that will follow incentive auctions clearing bandwidth for mobile devices. 
November 5, 2013

How to get more respect as a manager

Are you a manager struggling to get the respect you deserve? You're not alone. Respect is elusive for many managers, though — especially those who lack leadership skills, rule by fear or aim to please team members versus putting the company's best interests first. However, there are also plenty of managers who truly deserve respect but struggle to get it. Why? Bob Lee, a New York-based executive coach and management consultant, says some managers don't get the respect they deserve because they're often faced with difficult challenges that the workforce doesn't understand or appreciate — and the employees might not understand the reasons for the manager's decisions.