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University Station Alliance: Madison Hodges Innovator Award for Public Media Advance

August 15, 2017
USA Madison Hodges Innovator Award for Public Media Advancement - Call for Nominations  
Nominations should be specific regarding their innovations in public media.
  • The selection will be made using the following criteria:
  • The award is given to an individual whose innovative leadership in Public Media is of importance and quality.
  • The achievement may have occurred over many years or over a short period of time.
  • The Award is intended as a platform to recognize success, defined in this case as simply the courage to "try." Even failures, if successful in helping move the system forward, can be recognized. 
  • The Award recognizes the individual's attempts to make a greater impact in the community and on their profession as a public media professional, a licensee administrator, or a board member.
Include: Nominee's Name, Your name, Your email address, Biographical sketch of the nominee, Related Documents which reflect how the nominee's innovations meet the listed criteria (you may attach a Word or PDF document in support of your nomination)
Send to: Craig Beeby 
Deadline: August 15, 2017 
In 2016, the "Innovator Award" was presented to Michelle Srbinovich General Manager of WDET at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Michelle was responsible for driving the growth of the first working U.S. model of mainstream, major market, multi-ethnic public radio. She has earned national respect for her work at WDET and her commitment to bringing new audiences to public service media.
In 2015, the "Innovator Award" was presented to Randy Wright of WUFT-FM/WJUF-FM/FPREN. Wright, executive director of the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications' Division of Media Properties, led an effort that impacted the state of Florida with a first-of-its-kind resource to help residents prepare for destructive storms and other emergencies. The Florida Public Radio Emergency Network (FPREN) in 2015 launched Florida Storms, a free mobile weather application that offers a simple way to stay informed of potential weather and other hazards, backed by real-time credible information from the nearest Florida public radio station. 
In 2014, the "Innovator Award" was presented to the Madison Hodges family. The late Madison Hodges (1947 - 2014) Manager of WQCS at Indian River State College in Ft. Pierce, Florida will long be remembered for his many contributions to Public Media. 
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