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Board of Directors Election FAQs

What is the Board of Directors?

The PMBA Board of Directors is the group that provides the vision, direction and policy leadership for the organization.

When Does the PMBA Board Meet? 

The PMBA Board of Directors meets approximately 10 times per year. At least two meetings are held in person, and the others are held via teleconference. The two in-person meetings are as follows: 
October/November in the Washington, DC area
One meeting is held at the end of Annual conference (typically in late May/early June) 
Unless there are extenuating circumstances, all board members are expected to attend the PMBA conference and October/November board meeting at their expense. 
The PMBA Board has active committees and all board members are expected to participate in at least one committee. Committee meetings are held via teleconference. Standing committees include:
  • Finance Committee
  • Membership
  • Strategic & Business Planning Committee
  • Content & Knowledge Committee
  • Governance Committee

How Many Seats are up for Election in 2016-17? 

There are two seats to be filled in our 2016-17 election. In addition, the Board of Directors will make appointments to fill four additional seats this year (two to rotating seats and two special appointments).

How Do I Become a Candidate? 

All those interested in being considered for a position on the board must complete and submit their board application via the online application form. The application must be submitted no later than Friday, March 31, 11:59pm ET.
Nominations will be announced and ballots will be emailed to the primary voting representative at each member station in April so that elections can be completed in advance of PMBA’s Annual Conference. 

What Do I Need to Include in my Application? 

To be considered for a seat on the Board, we ask all candidates to provide the following materials to be included with the election ballot. 
  1. The PMBA 2017 Board Nomination Application Form
  2. Professional biography not to exceed 250 words
  3. Headshot or photo to be used in election announcements 
  4. A statement that addresses, in 100 words or less, your responses to each of following questions:
    1. What is your view of PMBA as an organization? 
    2. What is your vision for PMBA? 
    3. What will you do, as a Board Member, to advance PMBA? 
    4. How should PMBA remain a vital and relevant organization in the public broadcasting community? 
  5. This statement will be made publically available in all election announcements.

Must the Number of Candidates Equal the Number of Seats? 

No. There can be more endorsed candidates on the ballot than the number of seats available and the top vote recipients will be duly elected. 

When is the First Board Meeting?

The first meeting of the new Board will be an in-person meeting held at the conclusion of the Annual conference in St. Louis on Friday, June 2 from 12:00pm – 3:00 pm.

What if I have Additional Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the election process or what’s involved with being on the PMBA Board, please contact PMBA Headquarters at 703-506-3292 or by email at  


Submit an Application


Call for Board Nominations

We encourage you to nominate a fellow public media colleague whom you believe would be an effective leader for PMBA. Those who are nominated will be contacted and encouraged to submit an application, and may also be considered by the Board of Directors for one of the appointed director seats.

Submit a Nomination